Patio Heater Rentals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Patio Heater Rentals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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Outdoor patio heaters rental in Dubai starting from AED150 on selected models, Please contact us for model availability including mushroom & pyramid patio heaters

Our Patio heater Rental  service very affordable and convenient. These heaters are waterproof and will aid you even during rainy and windy days. The wind will not blow these heaters.

Significance of patio heaters

Patio heaters are very famous among people and outdoor decor planners. They are designed in a way that people can enjoy the cold weather outside with much warmth because these heaters produce almost 400 tons of carbon dioxide annually. The material which is used to build a patio heater is a heat conducting material and avoids heat loss. A very good quality of stainless steel is used to make it. Apart from that the body is specially designed to cover less area. Patio heaters have a long pole beneath which is attached to the ground and is not very broad. The heater is attached to the top. There are many benefits of this heater like:

  • Convenient for outdoor use

It is very convenient for outdoor use. It can be used in the lawn or patio areas in cold weather. It let people enjoy outside due to its warmth. It covers less surface area. They are very efficient and use only small amount of energy to produce heat.

  • Safe in use

The biggest advantage of patio heater is that it is safe in use. As the heater is fixed on the top of the long rod, so it lessens the risk of skin burning or any other misshaping. People find it safe because it avoids direct children contact with the heater.

  • Cost effective

Patio heaters do not consume a lot of fuels. Gas, electricity or coal can be used to produce heat inside this heater; apart from these liquid fuel is also used which is a long running burning material. This heater is very affordable, and anybody can use it anywhere. Few years back this heater was only seen in bars and restaurants but now it has got much fame and is also used in houses and lawn areas.

  • Events in cold weather

Wedding decorators and event planners use this heater in arranging a function in cold weather. It does not occupy a large space and leaves more area for the guest. And it also warms up the environment inside the tent.

  • Instant heat provider

People do not need to wait for the heater to warm up because patio heaters are instant heat, provider. They warm up in few seconds and distribute heat straight away.


Importance of Patio Heaters

A patio heater also known as umbrella or mushroom heater is an appliance to generate radiant heat for outdoor purposes basically. A burner on top of the post burns liquid petroleum, butane or propane and directs the heat in an upward direction, towards the metal top. The metal top is made up of stainless steel that reduces the heat loss. Patio heaters are available in both gas fitted system and electrical system. These heaters are much famous among bars and restaurants as they create a pleasant outdoor sitting for their customers.



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