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Outdoor cooling for Dubai or other GCC countries has always been a hard task to achieve. And evaporative cooling including all Its methods is one of the best solutions available.

Energy .• Efficiency •. Pleasant

Evaporative outdoor Air Coolers

available for all applications, From hospitality stylish air coolers TEC-111 outdoor cooler or TEC-117 mobile air cooler to industrial massive mobile outdoor air cooler like TEC-112.other options for outdoor cooling available like outdoor air conditioner, and Industrial air conditioners.

Misting fans

available with three options, The classic with nozzles (HPF200) mist fan, The classic with misting fan disc (LPF201) or the new style M.O misty deluxe fan.

High-pressure misting solutions

are more of a permanent solution and could be applied over vast areas when needed. X cooling Dubai provides customized water fogging solutions as per costumers needs. And using higher quality misting parts would make our solutions have minimum wetting, drop, and other issues that other conventional mist solutions might suffer.

Patio heaters

of selected models also available, check outdoor gas heaters, outdoor electrical heaters, outdoor heaters and many more models available. Please contact us to get details about models of the year.

Outdoor Air Coolers Vs. Misting Fans in Dubai

Conquering the summer heat outside, you have two options, misting fans and outdoor coolers. Not to mention, but the two are very well-known for its capability to eliminate or decrease the harsh hot temperature outdoor, but, which one to choose? Nevertheless, before considering which is the one, having misting fans in Dubai or outdoor air coolers, let take a look what they offer to you. Though it does not depend on the typical outdoor air coolers that you choose, somehow, if you pick the one with the evaporative system, then, you meet with a major drawback. Aside from its bulky appearance, it is more about the air quality that is produced.

 The one with evaporative system tend to give you bad quality air, furthermore, sometimes it creates bad smells. It is not the only thing, if you have a family member with asthma, you better avoid air coolers with the evaporative system. Instead, you choose misting fans in Dubai. Compared to air cooler, misting fans is very easy to move and to won’t eat up much space. Another, if air a cooler with evaporative system relies so much on water source, then, misting fans will not. The last one, this one is more energy efficient compared to outdoor air coolers.

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