TEC-112 Industrial Cooler

TEC-112 Industrial Cooler

TEC-112 Industrial Cooler

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TEC-112 is high performance heavy duty industrial outdoor air conditioner (evaporative air cooler, desert cooler or wet cooler)

Main features

  • Huge airflow Portable air cooler advantage.
  • Evaporative cooling, humidifying air.
  • Strong air flow, low noise.
  • Micro-controller control, color LED display, remote control function.
  • Handle design to be portable while brake caster easy to move.
  • Automatically swinging diffuser, bigger water tank, simple installation.
  • High quality motor, quiet fan, satisfying cooling effect and reasonable price.
  • Using good quality plastic, durable and UV-proof.
  • Special design, good look.
  • Three speeds fan are optional, soft wind, low noise, large air flow, fresh and comfortable air.
  • Low water level protection.
  • Compared with traditional air conditioners, energy will be saved more than 80%.
  • Equipped with energy-efficient motor, variable speed, work long time without regular maintenance.
  • Adopt the best quality parts, one-step molding PE outer frame, long and strong service life.
  • Water tank 100 Liters.
  • Suitable for any outdoor hot places, such as Warehouses, restaurants, Hotels, events, Parties, Patios, workshop, workers dormitory, recreation facilities, etc. The effective cooling airflow is 18000M3/h, power is 750W, very low energy cost.


Airflow 18000 m3
Power 750 watt
Power supply 220v /50 Hz
Fan type Axial
Fan speed 3 speeds
Water tank capacity 100 L
Water consumption 5-12 L/h
Application area 60-90 m2
Dimensions 1120x720x1500 mm
Noise 68 db
Net weight 58 kg
Gross weight 60 kg
Control Remote + button interface
Swing Auto function, left to right


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